Dustin Coates

Paris-Based Programmer

Internet Person

I’m a Paris-based programmer working largely in JavaScript, Ruby, and Rails. I’m at Algolia, and was previously creator of Pico, which provides teams the tools to better track their indiviudal career growth goals. I work in voice interface, particularly for the Alexa Skills Kit and Google Assistant, a lot. Let’s chat about it.

I previously worked for General Assembly, where I also regularly taught classes. You can email me at dustin@dcoates.com.

Originally from small-town Texas, I now live in Paris. My favorite foods are breakfast tacos, bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwiches, and chicken fried steak—not necessarily in that order.

I have a smattering of code public on github, I will sometimes tweet, and even more rarely post on google+, a social network I really just use for photo storage. And I, of course, have a LinkedIn profile.

I’ve created a website to help me estimate my retirement nest-egg (down at the moment), a Chrome Extension to remove Buzzfeed from your social feed, and when I need a break I work on smaller experiments from time-to-time. A smaller (and more fun) one was a Super Mario Bros. 3 themed memory game There’s also an Atom package I created based on Faker.